What are Micro-Moments?

According to Google Micro-moments are times when a person relies on a mobile device to do something they want, need, or desire.

 These moments increase as people rely on their mobile devices for instant gratification. There’s more to micro-moments than making buying decisions. They also help with new product or service discovery and driving inspiration.

Know your customer

 It’s surprising to see how few businesses know their customers. Knowing your customers’ needs and desires is central to growing brands and revenue.

The traditional marketing principles make non-marketers focus on the 4Ps. With an emphasis on product, price, place and promotion. You’ve got to know who is buying, where, when and how they will use your services.

Advances in technology empower you to understand your customers and their buying journey. Infuse yourself in the moments when customers need you. Get to know your customers so well that you can be visible and available to them when they need you. Be there when customers are looking for information, advice or service.

The Impact of Mobile Devices on Consumer Behaviour

Consumers have become reliant on their mobile devices to make buying decisions. Enter “Micro-Moments”, which Google has identified to be the new battleground for brands.

 I recently experienced an example of micro-moments. We were navigating an enormous, unfamiliar mall and couldn’t find the gallery we had planned to visit. My companion whipped out her phone and used the mall app to get blow by blow directions to where we needed to get to. This exemplified of one of the 4 micro-moment opportunities identified by Google.

 The Four Triggers of Micro-Moments

Google has identified four triggers that drive micro-moments:

  1. Want-to-know moments: When a consumer wants to learn something new. When they’re looking for information.

 For example, your customer is looking to learn how to do something new. They may want to confirm information about your category. Be available at that moment.

 2.Want-to-go moments: When a consumer is looking for a physical location.

 Like the example of looking for the gallery at the mall or using navigation apps to get to your destination.

  1. Want-to-do moments: When a consumer wants to complete a task or an activity.

 Think of booking a flight or making a reservation. Looking for ideas for special moments and doing something special for your team or a loved one.

4.Want-to-buy moments: These are moments when a consumer is ready to buy.

An example of this is when someone is looking for a Pizza place near them.

 The Importance of Mental and Physical Availability in Micro-Moments

 According to research completed by the Ehrenberg Bass Institute, mental and physical availability are two assets that accelerate the process of driving brand growth. Mental and physical availability make it easier for customers to find you. They create more opportunities for accessibility to your products or services. Mental &physical availability is essential in driving brand salience during the buying cycle.

 When you add elements of micro-moments and availability to your marketing plans, your brand becomes top of mind.

 Consider micro-moments when looking to reach customers more often. Understand the four triggers of micro-moments and focus on mental and physical availability. Creating relevant content strategies and messages can meet the needs of consumers in decision-making moments.