Shots of Brand Espresso

If you’re looking for an energising shot of brand work, you’ve come to the right place. We craft distinctive performance driven strategies for brands that are serious about winning the market game. Let’s face it we live in disruptive, highly competitive times where marketing effectiveness is imperative. It needs to be linked to positive top-line growth, we’re all about that. Take our marketing survey to get a sense of what key capabilities we can help you refresh and amplify.

Brand Strategy

Once you’ve pulled the freshest & tastiest brand brew, you must be consistent  and intentional. Let’s help you craft salient brand expressions throughout stakeholder journeys. 

Content Marketing

Ignite your customers and internal teams with engaging, thumb-stopping, click worthy and relevant creative concepts. Pull the perfect shot, with freshly brewed concepts and engagement models.  

Brand Reputation

What’s the buzz about your brand? Do you need to get fresh coffee beans or clean up the filters? We’ll grind the perfect brew to ensure no sour or bitter taste is left in your audiences mouths and minds. 


What’s Brewing? 

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Brand Strategies

The perfect blend and strength of brand visibility, messaging & behaviours can get you enough attention to elevate your brand to a top of mind position at purchase points. We help you craft your value proposition in a way that will increase memorability and brand salience. Designing the dynamic ways that your brand shows up: be it visual language & identity, process flows, employee experience and how that filters through to customer experience. 

Brand Expression

How distinctively is your brand coffee roasted? Our aim is to drive preference for your brand over others. So we brew a memorable and consistent brand expression so that we can grind compelling stories, uniquely designed for recurring brand engagement.

Brand Stories

Many elements are required to enjoy the perfect story for your brand. Let’s coffee and connect to find unique flavours for your client facing teams.

Value Proposition

There’s nothing brand new anymore in this world, but there’s a fresh way you can position the value you’re offering through your product or services. Let’s set the aperture through a well filtered lens and see what flavour your audiences prefer.


The best way to get your brand to cut-through is by driving consistency. To ensure that you do that, you need to up skill your team to ensure consistency. Tip: centre it around customer insights


Featured Work

Working with founders and leaders who are passionate about their brands is something we’re really proud of. We’ve supported our client base with brewing marketing strategies, communication strategies, brand designs and content marketing. 

Marketing Strategy

A management consulting firm

Our client had been in the market for 10 years and beginning to see a decline in client base. Our team conducted research to assess industry sales processes and lifespans. We worked through ways of improving processes & elements of the marketing mix. We workshopped a brand tone for consistency & included a brand framework for messaging and design.

communication strategy

A non-profit organisation

Driving awareness for a mental health programme for university students that have been affected by gender-based violence. Our team worked with the marketing and PR teams within the universities to help craft the right messages and communication strategy for execution. We crafted campaign messages that would also attract donors to drive momentum for more students to be supported.


A private school

Our client needed to refresh their brand. We crafted a strategy that linked the community significance of the school and their impact on young minds. We designed new logos and developed brand tonality and social media messaging to drive influence through the students.

Content Marketing

Personal brand enhancement

She wanted to elevate her personal brand and felt that she would need to grow her following on a professional social media network. We conducted a brand audit and crafted a thought leadership content marketing strategy and helped her build a podcast which enabled her to drive her profile.


Our Approach

Every project has it’s own flavour, but we understand that as brand baristas we need to serve the coffee hot. Everything from the right level of roast for the beans and the best level of bitterness and acidity. In branding terms we centralise our approach on who we’re targeting and then we work backwards to the final tactic. So customer insights drive all ideation processes.

Customer Insights

Our approach depends on the size of the brief, from secondary to primary research as intense as week long immersions. This aids in relevant, current, culture based insights.


Strategy is about solving your business problems and help you win. We want you to stand out and to take action to grow. Take a position and defend it.


Once we know what territory you want to defend, we design programmes, stories, campaign to make you unique and distinctively recognisable. To break you out of the sea of sameness in the marketplace.


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