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Digital brand reputation has never been more crucial.

In the world of digital marketing, content is king. 

 If you’ve lost the desire to keep creating content, let’s do it together

According to the Statista content trend marketing study, 4 main resource obstacles affect content creation for companies wanting to create more content:

  1. Time Resources
  2. Financial Resources
  3. Expertise Resources
  4. Technical Resources  

We have the time, expertise and technical resources. Let’s connect & take that off your plate.  


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Why there’s value in creating a brand podcast

Why there’s value in creating a brand podcast

Whilst radio is the go to for audio entertainment, there’s value in creating a brand podcast. In listening to a lot more radio lately, I landed on a station during a scandalous audio drama. An acoustic performance too captivating to turn off. Branded podcasts can create the same enchanting impact.

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Can we be frank about personal branding in 2024?

Can we be frank about personal branding in 2024?

Don’t give up the first time you get no response. Sometimes people need to hear things a few times to understand your message. For some people it takes one hit and they go viral and for others it takes consistent daily practice. I repeat, don’t give up!

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